Maroochydore Subdivision

1 into 3 Subdivision

The Challenge

This 1800 meter square property was purchased off market with the view of a subdivision or a multi dwelling development. The existing house was in a tired state but had great foundation for a future renovation. The position of the house on the lot made access to the back difficult and the initial feasibility study allowed for a portion of the house to be demolished. After several feasibility studies were undertaken a subdivision was the safest and most viable option.

The Solution

Through local knowledge we put together a great team of locals to undertake the surveying, town planning and engineering.  Utilising a team of local experts allowed for a relatively seamless application process and operational works. Through good negotiation, a little good will and some luck we obtained a relaxation on the driveway width and were able to avoid demolishing a part of the house. A willingness to learn and get our hands dirty saw us well on our way to doing our first subdivision.

Huge learning Curve

As with all project not everything goes according to plan.  Contractor quotes to undertake the operational works were nearly 90 thousand too high, so we undertook the principal contractor role and saved thousands. Over cautious neighbors would not allow Unitywater to connect to the sewer line running through their property meant we had to a duplicate the service on our land increasing costs and adding extra easements. Rain during pouring of the last section of the driveway was an exciting event with meters of plastic placed over the green concrete. The biggest lesson learnt was to roll with it because once you start you need to find a solution to the problem and keep moving forward.

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